12 November 2017

Warhammer Dwarf Demon Slayer

Here you can see the latest incorporation to my dwarf army. A  dwarf demon Slayer.

I am trying to get the habit of painting back, but is proving to be a challenge. Hopefully the painting mojo will get back to me! :)

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1 July 2017

Dwarf thunderers FINISHED!!!!

And finally the dwarf thunderers are ready to kick ass. The paint job could be improved big time, but there is no pretensions in this unit, just painting my lovely dwarf thunderers to a decent standard for my cabinet and the war field.

IT ONLY TOOK ME 6 YEARS to put them together since I got them LOL!!!!

You can see that the bases are square and that is because I do not like very much Age Of Sigmar (But that would be another topic). For all of you that want to keep living adventures and commanding your favourite army in the traditional warhammer world I recommend you to give a go to WARHAMMER REFORGED. In their blog there is an inmense amount of resources and rules books.....everything free!!! Again thank you very much for your hard work.

Here I leave the link to CMON just in case you want to drop a vote :)

27 June 2017

Dwarf thunderers WIP 9

Really close now to the end of the unit. I went for a green banner, all the banners in my dwarf army are red so far so I thought it would be a nice change for once ;)

I honestly cannot wait to see all the unit together.

18 June 2017

Dwarf thunderers WIP 8

Now that the veteran dwarf thunderer is finished is time to move on to the standard bearer :)

16 June 2017

Dwarf thunderers WIP 7

Some work put into the dwarf lord with gun, he will lead the unit as its thunderer veteran.

13 June 2017

Dwarf thunderers WIP 6

My little hairballs are getting closer to the finish of the unit :)

6 June 2017

21 March 2017

Dwarf thunderers WIP 3

Here some Step by Step of this little dwarf Thunderer. Soon more to come.

Best regards


11 February 2017

Dwarf thunderers WIP 1

Retaking the quest to complete the old school unit of dwarf thunderers that I started some years ago, here you can see some of the progress made:

24 January 2017

Vampire lord blood knights WIP 5

Looking forward to keeping painting, shame that I don't have as much time as I would like!!


19 January 2017

Vampire lord blood knights WIP 4

Not a big progress really but the important part is getting back to the habbit of painting on a regular basis.

Soon more,


8 January 2017

Vampire lord blood knights WIP 2

Some more progress, slowly getting again to the habit of painting and enjoying it...at the end is what this is all about.

Going this time for a vibrant color scheme.

As well my compressor broke so everything has been done with the brush. 


4 January 2017

Vampire lord blood knights WIP 1

Goodbye 2016 , hello 2017. Not the best year if we speak about miniature painting, lots of changes going on in my personal life, so I guess that going through a rough patch doesn't make anything easier.

I will try to keep the blog updated and start preparing some articles to help everyone that reads the blog.

Still in its early stages, long run to go.


16 June 2016

Saruman Knight models

Saruman miniature

Aquí os dejo la comparación entre la antigua versión de SARUMAN que realicé y esta nueva. En esta ocasión opté por una versión muy agrisada del personaje que creo que encaja muy bien con su trasfondo de mago corrupto en el intento de conseguir más poder para sí mismo.

Aquí os dejo el enlace a CMON para cualquiera que quiera dejar su voto, Gracias!!!

Here you have a comparison Between my first version of SARUMAN from knight models and this newest one. This time I went for a much greyer version as I thought that fits Saruman's background as a fallen wizard in his attempt of getting more power for himself. I placed as well a Palantir in his hand.

Here I leave the link to CMON just in case you want to drop your vote, Cheers!!!

Saruman miniature

9 May 2016

Samson Zombicide Black plague WIP3:

I changed some of the colours as the yellow leather gloves didn´t convince me at all.

Closer to the end now.

6 May 2016

Samson Zombicide WIP2: Black plague

Samson Zombicide black plague

Not quite sure on the yellow leather gloves.I changed the leather armour as I didn't really like it. I cannot wait for the whole set of heroes of my Zombicide black plague game finished.

2 May 2016

Samson Zombicide: Black plague

Samson zombicide black plague

After the black orcs unit I need something chilled out to relax with no pressure and something quick. Recently I bought Zombicide: black plague and it is amazing!!So much fun!

Here you see Samson, the dwarf survivor from the black plague zombicide game.

Después de la unidad de orcos negros necesitaba algo relajado, sin ninguna presión y rápido de pintar. Recientemente adquirí la caja de Zombicide black plague y es increíble, muy divertido de jugar!

Aquí tenéis un avance de Samson, el superviviente enano del juego Zombicide black plague.

24 April 2016

Black orcs- Orcos negros

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

Orcos negros-Black orcs

The whole idea behind this project started in my mind like 3 years ago and was representing a band of orcs invading an imperial city. As you will be able to see on the base, there are some shields and swords. The forgeworld orcs are pretty amazing, with an insane level of detail. The banner for instance tested my nerves as there were thousands of little details to pay attention, as the skulls, symbols, bones... I tried to used really saturated colours with really primary yellows and reds. If you pay attention you will see that even the metallic parts have a good proportion of colour as well. I hope that you like it as much as I enjoyed painting it. 

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La idea que hay detrás de este proyecto surgió hace aproximadamente 3 años y era representar una banda de orcos invadiendo una ciudad imperial. Como podréis apreciar se pueden ver escudos y espadas en la base para representarlo. Los orcos de forgeworld son una pasada, con un nivel de detalle impresionante. El porta estandarte por ejemplo puso a prueba mis nervios, ya que hay demasiados detalles a los que prestarles atención. He usado un esquema de color con bastante saturación , recurriendo a amarillos y rojos muy saturados, incluso los metales tienen un contenido en color bastante alto. Espero que os guste tanto como a mi me gustó pintar esta obra.

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